How to Share Maps

Step 1: Go to the Playstation Menu#
Step 2: Go to “Game” in the menu system
Step 3: Go to “Saved Data Utility (PS3)”
Step 4: Locate the map you want to download (check by the name or thumbnail)
Step 5: Press Triangle and then click copy
Step 6: Click the USB device, this will copy the map data to the USB
Step 7: Unplug your USB device from your PS3, go to your computer and you will see the file on your USB
Step 8: Upload file to any file sharing website ex: (Mediafire)

How to Download Maps

Step 1: Download a map, should be a folder
Step 2: Place the folder onto your USB
Step 3: Plug your USB into your PS3
Step 4: Go to “Saved Data Utility (PS3)
Step 5: Click USB device
Step 6: Locate the map, and click copy
Step 7: The map will now be on your PS3 and ready to play!